Experiences while volunteering with INFO Nepal. 

Candice Simon writes...

My volunteer experience in Nepal was a truly life enriching memory. 

Initially I was reluctant to join this program because of my older age. I thought this program was targeted only at young people in their 20s (that was my impression of what I saw on the website). But age really didn't matter. 

First of all, I was treated like any other young volunteer. But being older had some additional advantages, because I could bring my life experience to the program. I got to appreciate people more, in all walks of life, and in a totally different culture. 

The staff at the INFO Nepal-volunteer office were very thoughtful in arranging the right placement according to my needs and interests, with my short time limit in mind. I had a Nepali language teacher in the morning for three days, and she also helped me getting to know the people in the village. 

The village was near Kathmandu and the people there were genuinely hospitable. I still can't forget the evening of the Diwali festival when I joined lovely village children visiting door to door, singing along for special treats from the each home. 

Perfect strangers in the village invited me over to a meal at their home, when I just smiled and said "Namaste" to them. My host family was very sweet and friendly, and didn't seem to get tired over my continous practicing of incomprehensible Nepali words with them. 

I went volunteering as a part of a teaching team, but I also learned in return a lot more from the genuinely kind and hard working villagers. The whole trip was a fusion of fantastic mountain scenery with the wonderful hospitality of my hosts. I want to go back there again in near future. Anybody who really wants to make things happen in their life should go to Nepal and join INFO Nepal. 

Candice Simon