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Volunteer in Pokhara & Area

Info about the Pokhara area
Pokhara Volunteer
Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal. Originally visited as a retreat for hippies, Pokhara has a more relaxed feel than Kathmandu. This is a beautiful city where the Annapurna Range is reflected in the sheltered lake. The climate here is generally more moderate than Kathmandu, but the monsoon rains and humidity is more severe. Volunteers can arrive by bus from Kathmandu, or by air.

Pokhara is situated approximately 200 km west of Kathmandu and can be reached in 5 hours by bus. This area is full of luscious green mountains decorated by terraced rice fields. Pokhara itself lies on the banks of Lake Phewa, a huge, beautiful lake on which it is possible to go boating and engage in other water activities. This area has a laid-back, 'sea-side' town atmosphere, with much less traffic than Kathmandu. In addition to being the starting point for major trekking routes such as the Annapurna Circuit, Sanctuary and Jomsom treks, a number of short day treks in the surrounding hills may be taken.

Volunteers working in this region should bring appropriate clothing for this environment. It is warm during the days, but gets cold once the temperatures drop. Volunteers are also advised to bring sunscreen lotion, lots of insect repellent and appropriate inoculations and vaccinations for Malaria, Meningitis, Typhus fever, Hepatitis A & B, and appropriate clothing to be working in this environment.

Resource Center, Nirmal Pokhari - A one hour bus ride from Pokhara city, on top of a hill overlooking the valley, you will this small resource center. We started placing volunteers here in 2005, and since that time many volunteers have helped to make this a successful project. On average, 30 children attend daily, and the volunteer can teach at a local school during the day.

Resource Center, Thulakhet - Also one hour from Pokhara, this resource center was started in 2006. There is both a resource center and a youth club with books, pens, maps, and other supplies. The host family is only 5 minutes from the resource center, and the volunteer can teach both here as well as at a local school.

Resource Center, Devi's Falls - Close to the tourist area, Lakeside, and the Tibetan Refugee camp, this is a medium-sized resource center located in a nice building. Roughly 20 children attend the resource center daily, and this is a great placement for a volunteer needing a few more modern conveniences.

Srijana Secondary School, Naudanda - Ten minutes off the main highway and one hour from Pokhara, this school houses class 1 through 10. The host family is a 15 minute walkable distance from the school. Teachers here are very friendly and supportive and the students are very eager to practice their English! This is one of the best placements for volunteers!

See Host Family Info for this area
Activities & Sightseeing:
There are many things to see in Pokhara. There are many roadside temples (both Buddhist and Hindu), and areas of interest here depending on your tastes. Highlights of Pokhara include:

• Phewa Tal, the second largest lake in Nepal
• Rani Ban, the Queen's Forest
• Trekking in the mountains
• Visiting local museums
• Seti River
• Patale Chango / Devi's Falls
• Tashipalkhel (Tibetan area including a Monastery and village)
• Paragliding
• Yoga Ashrams (Centers)

Major Centers in Pokhara Area Are: Kaskilkot : one of our main placement areas, is a 2 hour bus ride from the center of Pokhara and is nestled high in the hills with spectacular views of the mountains, Pokhara and Lake Phewa.

Begnas, is located approximately 3 hours from Pokhara. Begnas is located at the top of a mountain overlooking Begnas Lake and Rupatal Lake, and has a very 'remote' feel.