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Volunteer in Everest

Info about the Solokhumbu area:
Solokhumbu is known as the home of Mount Everest. But for INFO Nepal, it is also the home of our newest, and most remote placement area. Roughly 200km East of Kathmandu, it can be reached either by flight (followed by a one day walk) or bus (followed by a 5 day trek).

People in this area are primarily Sherpas. They are traditionally agricultural people, harvesting mainly corn and potatoes. Many of them must work either in government projects (such as road building) or as porters in order to make wages to support themselves on the agricultural off season

Everest Solokhumbu
Volunteers working in this area must be prepared to experience true Nepali village culture. The area is remote, with no electricity or modern conveniences (though there are a few phones where you can make both local and international calls). Volunteers should bring any supplies they will need (toilet paper, shampoos…) and should prepare for cold nighttime weather, as the altitude is fairly high (2500-3000m). Volunteers are also advised to bring flashlights, iodine or water purification tablets, and a warm sleeping bag or blanket.

Placements in Solokhumbu
Shree Bhimsenthan Lower Secondary School, Mude: Funded by two donors from Holland, this lovely-looking school needs a lot of help below the surface. With 250 students from kindergarten to class 8, but only 6 full-time teachers, this is an ideal placement for couples. The school has a library as well as maps, board games, and puzzles, so there are a ton of great resources for the volunteer. The students’ confidence in English, however, is lacking because their English classes are generally conducted in Nepali. We have placed two volunteers here already, though, and the students’ confidence, as well as their knowledge of the “outside world,” is steadily growing.

See Host Family Info for this area
Shree Patale Thamik Vighalaya Primary School, Patale: This is the only school in the entire town of Patale, and with its 177 students, kindergarten through class 5, and only five teachers, this is hardly enough. Though the school has never had a foreign volunteer before, they are very enthusiastic to receive one, and they seem to know exactly what they are looking for. This volunteer should have some teaching experience because he/she will serve not only as an English teacher, but also as a teacher trainer, for the teachers here are very keen for help and teaching ideas.

Jaleshwori Primary School, Thingnasa: Currently the most remote of all four placements due to landslides, this school is also the one most in need of help. The classrooms are small and basic, the resources few, and the teachers in need of guidance. The first volunteer here must have confidence and a plan so that the school can see jut how a volunteer can help. And with 165, class 1-5, and only 4 teachers, hopefully that volunteer will arrive soon.

Deusa Secondary School, Deusa: The largest of our four placements, this school has over students from class 1 through 10. There are 17 teachers, yet this is still not enough, since some of the classes have over 75 students! English is perhaps the subject that makes most students fail, so volunteers who can help the children practice their English would be especially needed at this very remote school, which is a day's walk from all the other placements.