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Volunteer in Chitwan

Pokhara Volunteer
Info about the Chitwan area:
Approximately 150km from Kathmandu, Chitwan is the region adjacent to the Indian border. Chitwan is in the middle of the Terrai, a vast, flat and fertile area that stretches right across Southern Nepal, although this area is very flat, there are some hills with elevations over 740m high. This area is very multi-cultural, as people continue to migrate to this area from all over Nepal. This area is best known for the Royal Chitwan National Park, a large ecological and environmental reservation.

People in this region are primarily Tharu. The Tharu people are known for their farming skills, industrious nature and intelligence. Although they have a low income, the Tharu are mostly self sufficient due to their farming abilities.

Volunteers working in this region should bring mosquito nets, lots of insect repellent and appropriate inoculations and vaccinations for Malaria, Meningitis, Typhus fever, Hepatitis A & B, sunscreen lotion, and appropriate clothing to be working in a jungle type environment.

Placements in Chitwan:

Ganganagar Informal Education for Displaced Tribal Children : This project was started in 2002, when the Tharu and Bote tribes were displaced by the Rapati River Flooding. Volunteers provided sanitation and hygiene education, and additional resources. We were able to help 81 families, and also placed many of the children in government schools. When we first started our program, we found that there were 24 children who were old enough to go to school, but were not enrolled. INFO started an informal education program, and continues to convince parents the importance of educating their children. As a result, 14 of the 24 children became enrolled in their school. INFO placed 2 of these children in a boarding school, and provided essential school materials (pens paper etc) for 8 additional children. In November, 2005, we built 22 toilets in this community.

Ganganagar New Happy Home : This project was started in 2002 as a library. It has 3 rooms, including a room for the volunteer, a kitchen and library room for the children. This is a beautiful facility, and has a nice garden and sitting area for volunteers to relax in at the end of the day. Full western facilities are available, and 24hr running water. Since its inception, we have placed over 14 volunteers, and educated more than 300 children at this facility. In 2007 we upgraded the building, creating one more floor, and transforming it into a new Happy Home orphanage for 20 children.

Prabatipur Library and Community Youth Centre - Established in 2003. This building has full western facilities, and has 2 rooms; a classroom and a meeting area for villagers. The host family is located next to the library. Since inception, we have educated more than 150 children, and have placed more than 10 volunteers at this location.

Sauraha Orphanage Home - Established in 2000. We have partnered with two facilities in this area. They are both run independently of INFO Nepal. These house 14-25 children each, and the children both live and are educated at this facility. Since we started this partnership, we have placed over 10 volunteers at this location.

Sauraha Resource Center - Started in 2007, this is one of our newest placements. This is a fairly large resource center, nicely established around both the Magar tribal region as well as the touristy part of Sauraha with all its modern conveniences. The host family where the volunteers stay are also involved in a childcare center so the volunteers can also help out there, as well as teach English at a local school.

Chitwan Health & Sanitation Posts Ganganagar, Parbatipur, Bharatpur - INFO has been working in these three areas since 2001. In addition to working in the health posts, volunteers also work with community women’s groups, and youth groups to provide education. Volunteers have also assisted by building toilets for families within this community. This has benefited more than 250 people.

Amarapuri Library and Community Youth Centre, Nawalparasi District - Established in 2002. This was built in 2002, 2003, it has two rooms, a meeting room for villagers and a classroom. This library has a beautiful garden, and Western facilities. Since inception, we have educated more than 400 students and have placed more than 10 volunteers at this location.

Nava Jyoti Library and Resource Centre, Chormara, Nawalaparsi District - This project was established by the Losedhara Youth Club, and "Room To Read" in August 2002. In 2004 a new building was completed, involving the local community organizations and INFO Nepal, with all the construction done by local volunteers. This facility has two rooms, one as an office for the volunteer, which has a computer, and a classroom. Since inception we have educated over 300 children, and have placed over 10 volunteers at this facility.

Indra Puri Lower Secondary School, Tori Khet - Supporting students from class 1 to 7, this school has 9 friendly teachers. This is the home village and school of one of INFO Nepal's founding members, and he earnestly welcomes volunteers! Facilities here are typical of Nepali villages. Volunteers here can also get involved with local clubs and projects. INFO is in the process of creating a library in this town so volunteers can help there as well.

Scholarship Program - To pay School Fees and Expenses e.g. Purchase uniforms and books, for the children of the very poor Tribes in the Chitwan District. These children would otherwise have no opportunity for education, since their families are quite poor and cannot afford to pay for these supplies.

See Host Family Info for this area
Activities to do in Chitwan
Volunteers are encouraged to visit the National Park. It is a wildlife reserve for rhinos, elephants, tigers and 50 other species of animals, and over 400 types of birds. Volunteers can enjoy elephant safari, canoeing, animal watching, animal breeding projects, animal rehabilitation centers, cycling, and 4WWD safaris here.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism.
Ashokan Pillar
Maya Devi Temple
Taulihawa & Tilayrakot
Local area temples

Major Centers in Chitwan Are:
Amarapuri : Located 16 kilometers from Narayangarh. Amarapuri provides multiple opportunities to teach in the local government schools or to volunteer at INFO's Amarapuri Children's Resource Centre and Library.

Chormara : Located 40 kilometers from Narayangarh. Chormara provides multiple opportunities to teach in the local government schools or to volunteer at INFO's Chormara Resource Center and Library. With the help of Room to Read, another library has just been completed.

Ganganagar - is situated on the bank of the Chitwan National Park. It is twenty kilometers away from the main city, Narayangot, where they have all internet and phone facilities.

Gaurigang : Approximately a half hour from Narayangarh. Gaurigang is home to a large Health Post that serves over 10,000 people, and has 5 full time staff.

Narayngot - is the centre point for all volunteers in this area to meet at weekends and eat western food, talk and socialize.

Narayangarh is the region's main city and offers shopping, Internet and telephone facilities. Most of the village placements in Chitwan are less than an one hour bus ride from this city.

Nawalparasi - The neighboring district to Chitwan and lies 25km west of Naragangarh. A jeep ride into Narayangarh takes around 40 minutes. Is a beautiful area situated on the Narayani River which separates the district from Chitwan National Park. It is a fertile, farming area with many small, pretty villages surrounded by rice, wheat, sesame, millet and corn fields.

Patihani : One hour from Narayangarh. Patihani is situated on the bank of the Chitwan National Park. It is twenty kilometers away from the main city, Narayangot, where they have all internet and phone facilities.

Torikahet : Located a half hour from Narayangar. Torikahet provides opportunities to teach English within a number of government school.