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Teaching at School, Gatlang, Langtang - Danielle Soya (Danny)
Worked at the Library in Beautiful Parbatipur, Chitwan - Jenny Taylor
Experience at Nirmal Pokhari, Pokhara and Chitwan Ganganagar - Amelia Carter
Two Weeks in Parbatipur, Chitwan - Julia Lindsay
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Resource Centre, Where children can go before & after school - Argentina Hung
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The resource centre is part of the..... - Chris

The host family in Gatlang is the best there is in Nepal! Durga is a trekking guide, so if you can, get him to take you on a long (or short) trek locally. His wife is great, and constantly keeps your plate full at mealtimes…They have two children, Rosila and Pemba, who are very young. Rosila is a little shy, but loves to draw if you have some paper/pens with you. The children in the village are all kind and very friendly, and enthusiastic about lessons/playing. The locals are curious, but friendly nevertheless; there always seem to be people in the house coming to see who the latest volunteers are! It is a great location, enjoy!

Chris - August

When I arrived in Nepal, I was welcomed very warmly and they tried to prepare my as good as they were able for my placement. I liked the training a lot and find it very useful, especially the language class with the lovely Rama. After six days I moved to my placement in Thulo Bharku. The busride to go there was quite long and I had to change buses two times because of landslides but the surrounding was amazing. The village was absolutely nice and people soon accepted me and tried to support me all the time. The same with the host family, they were incredible friendly and took me to a four day pilgrimage whit the whole community which was an unforgettable memory. In my placement was another volunteer and we had a lot of fun. I think its nice to have another person with you in the placement.

Corinne von Burg - August

I was based with a wonderful family, who were very inviting and eager to learn all about my family and myself.  I wish I had brought more photos with me.  I dreaded the thought of dal/bhat every day, but my family produced some wonderful curries from the little produce they grew in their kitchen garden, including pumpkin, gourd, aubergine and potato, and this helped so much that by the end of my stay I was really enjoying it, and it was a treat to have a little chicken or mutton with it.

Jacqui Cawston - July

In my view, go to Gatlang if you are thinking about it at all. When we did catch a glimpse of the peaks, they were truly breathtaking. However, if you are here during the monsoon you might want to consider that you will not see much of the beautiful surroundings. The family is amazing and very welcoming and you do experience something amazing.

Deirdre Jones - July

I stayed with a host family located right next door to the Resource Centre!  The host family were very kind and welcoming.  I spent a considerable amount of time playing cards with the children at the host family and managed to teach them a few new games to remember!  The Resource Centre is simply a place where the children can go before and after school as they wish.  It is not compulsory and extremely laid back!  I was able to teach them more or less anything I wanted!  This is because the Resource Centre is not a school, hence there was no need to follow a rigid curriculum. 

Argentina Hung - July

All in all, our experiences were varied but all totally worth it, looking back we wouldn't change any of it because it all added to and made our stories!  We had an amazing time and met some amazing people everywhere we went.  A big thank you to INFO and good luck for the future.

Dan and Fizz Metcalfe - July

Amelia and I also threw a huge party for the kids on a Saturday. Making the food and the 'pinatas' took up a couple of classes and of course the kids love getting messy.papier mache, balloons, glue.all allowed as long as they clean up. We organized a sort of British style sports day with 'egg and spoon', 'sack', 'three-legged' races and had a fantastic day, divided into teams and taking over the local field. You also have the challenge of shopping for all the stuff in Narangat.try explaining brush cleaner, food colouring, blue tack, sack, even a shopkeeper in broken Nepali. Bringing a sample and then asking 'Tyo chha??" generally was the best method.  

Julia Lindsay - May

To speak on the volunteer work, it was wonderful. I worked at the library in beautiful Parbatipur, Chitwan. The children were brilliant; they were so anxious to learn and frankly just excited to be in the library. My first four weeks I taught with another volunteer, Lisa. We mostly introduced new vocabulary words and played games. They LOVE board bingo and memory so, between the two, the 4 hour-long classes seemed to fly by.

Amelia Carter - April

I can truly and honestly say this has been the most inspiring and amazing 2 months of my life, Thank You to everyone at INFO Nepal you are all doing a fantastic job. From the minute I arrived in Nepal I knew I was going to have an unforgettable experience.


Jenny Taylor - March

Despite warnings that going alone could be difficult, I chose to be placed in Gatlang just outside of Langtang National Park. It was a very remote village with few Nepali speakers (they are mostly Tamang) and fewer broken English speakers. However, my goal for the trip was to live in the most remote mountain area I could find. Having just recently returned, I have no regrets. 

Danielle Soya (Danny) - March

We got a very warm welcome the first day we arrived with a meal at a local restaurant. It was very nice to meet Asim’s wife and son and also to catch a few other volunteers who were just finishing their placements and were leaving Nepal. They gave us some useful tips on what to expect, what not to expect(!) and how to deal with everything.

Rob and Elena - April

The children there love the library and if we were late in getting out off our warm sleeping bag into the cold unheated house, they would be waiting at the library or sometimes right outside our bedroom!  Often during our break between morning and afternoon session, the children would come to Dawa's (our host father) house and stand around us and stare.  They wanted to know what we were doing and want to see the things that were occupying us.  We would hear 'Nameste' from all the way across the field and 'library?" "no?".

Donna and Jeremy - September -January


Where do we begin ?Our experience in Nepal has been so amazing, filled with such a huge variety of new experiences. We spent our first few days trying to find our feet in the chaos that is Kathmandu. Probably the most difficult thing was keeping warm at night time. No heat and very limited hot water meant this was quite the challenge for those who are so used to luxuries such as central heating! We really enjoyed our time at Happy Home, playing with the children, meeting other volunteers and learning the basics in Nepali language.

Ben & Tanzi Hume - NZ  - Jan

The whole INFO Nepal team were amazing and as soon as I arrived in Kathmandu I realized that their focus really is to prepare me for the time ahead aswell as making sure that all the volunteers have an enjoyable time in Nepal and they certainly did that. Living in the Happy home for the first week and having language and culture training with Rama was not only educational but also a lot of fun. We worked hard and played hard and Rama was an excellent teacher, so patient and understanding when we got confused which was quite often I must add… Asim, Namratta and Rama went out of their way to help me with anything I needed, they even took me shopping for a traditional Nepali Kurta Surwal and had it tailored for me.

November (Andrea Blair - USA)

I will never forgot this little girl “Alisha” who was all the time making for me necklace, ring, and bracelet from flower and come and put them on me. I used to call her “the flower girl” It was really hard time for me to say goodbye to them. It was a sad day. The funny thing is wherever I go people think that I am a Nepali person and talk to me in Nepali language! And I used to say “ma Nepali hoina” but in reality it is honor to me! I had the chance to go for Safari and the best part was playing with the elephant in the river. I used my volunteer card in Lumbine and we were able to visit Bhouda temple free, also we used it in some places in Pokhra and we got discount as we are volunteers.

Nawal Ghatas - Egypt -  October 25th – Nov. 23rd

It's a good thing the Info Nepal programme included Nepali language, culture and village training because that really helped with the culture shock that came my way for the next 2 weeks.Had it easy in Kathmandu the first couple of days, just doing touristy stuff and being shown around Kathmandu by the lovely team at Info Nepal.The Info Nepal programme has been a great way to experience a whole new culture while volunteering. The past 2 weeks have really been an eye-opener for me and helped put a lot of things into perspective. Other than the financial aspect, if you can spare your time, that's an even more precious gift to these less fortunate children.

Mun Singh - Malesiya - Sept

I spent most of my time at the government hospital, usually being there about 6 days a week, 9am to 2pm, and spent most of my time in the emergency room, and the dressing room.  Most of the doctors there were very friendly and had a good grasp of English, as many of them did their medical education abroad.  They will gladly show you a skill if you ask them, or explain different cases for you. However, one must remember that the emergencies here and their response to them aren't like the ones back home, but regardless, doctors still manage to provide adequate care for their patients.
C C - Canada - Sept

So what about the heat and the mosquitos? Well, I shared my room with an interesting mixture of creatures so was glad I’d taken my mosquito net, as I felt quite safe tucked beneath it. Chitwan was hotter than I’d even imagined (one day I took a Toblerone out of my bag to find a tube of liquid!) but I had chosen the hottest month to go there. I did get used to the heat a little, didn’t find a single leech and even the mosquitos seemed to lose interest after a while. I really loved living in the village, had a nice clean place to stay and a great host family.

Kerry  - UK - August

I have had some wonderful days and some bad days but Nepal has also won through I will be sad to leave but feel sure I will be back sooner rather than later. I have made so many new friends on this wonderful journey.   If I can do this at 63 believe me anybody can at any age.   I have visited Sanga and stayed with host family had Nepali lessons my host family was lovely and Sanga was beautiful from Nepal I have traveled to Goa/Bombay/Delhi then I have traveled to Chitwan and went to a village where a girl called Sita has a talent for dressmaking so I bought her a sewing machine and all the equipment for her to start her own dressmaking business her face I will never forget I let her choose her own Sewing Machine.

Anne - UK - August

Throughout my time as a volunteer I have found the INFO team to be very welcoming and helpful.  From the moment I landed in Nepal the INFO team have been very attentive.  It was great to see a member of the team at the airport, especially as my flight was delayed by several hours.  I was taken directly to the Guest House and after a couple of ‘welcome’ phone calls from the INFO team and a goodnight’s sleep, I moved to Happy Home and started my four day language and cultural program.

Pamela Bruck - Ireland - July

I decided to come to Nepal on the advice of my cousin Mark who also volunteered with Info Nepal in January. I must admit that I was apprehensive about traveling to Kathmandu. This would be something I would dream about but never actually go through with. However, to anyone who is having second thoughts about volunteering with Info Nepal you should book your ticket now!

Paula - Ireland - June

After training and sight-seeing in Kathmandu, I left for the Kakani Health Post with Biswa, a health care assistant and friend to Asim.  In Kakani, we’d wake up, dhal bhaat and work in the clinic until the early afternoon.  After work, Biswa would take me hiking through the surrounding mountains, and on a clear day, we got breathtaking views of Langtang.  (On my last trip to Nepal in , I trekked through Langtang and the Gosainkunda, and I was happy to see those peaks again!) Janny - USA - June

Our volunteer experience with INFO Nepal was one of the most rewarding and challenging periods of our lives.  We spent only a few short weeks at the Sacred Home Orphanage in Jorpati, but the kids made it feel like it was just a few days.  From the moment we arrived in Nepal, the INFO family made us feel comfortable and secure in a new country.  The thoughtfulness and experience of the INFO team allowed us to mesh well with the children and environment of the orphanage. 

Digvi and Hans - USA - May

INFO would not place any volunteer in an unsafe region. The only reminder of the circumstances came from delayed travel times, as there are army checkpoints along the highways to hinder Maoist mobility. That said, foreigners are not in danger of any harm. All parties--the government, the army, Maoists--do not want to hurt the economy; they want to protect tourism, so they will not cause trouble for tourists. In fact, in my opinion tourists receive special treatment.

Jordana Taskly - USA - April

During my time in Kathmandu with Info Nepal I was based in Humanitarian Concern Orphanage. I spent 3 weeks at the orphanage which was based in Mahargunj. My time at the orphanage was a truly amazing experience and I have many fond memories that will stay with me forever. . The family treated me like one of their own and I participated in chores such as giving out Daal Bhaat to the children to helping washing dishes.

Sonal - UK - April

The experience I will remember the most, was when a couple of the children started experiencing problems with their eyes. They had not been taken to a doctor for this and eventually, the problem got progressively worse. Finally an eye examination revealed, a condition causing night blindness, caused by vitamin A deficiency.The case has been discussed with the staff at the orphanage and  I hope that they are able to improve on the dietary needs of the children as much as they can.Truly a memorable time in Nepal, despite all the political turmoil!

Arti - UK - April

The orphanage children were all eager to learn new English songs and practice their English, as well as colouring pictures to decorate the school room in the orphanage. Our other placement was in a school, where we did a project on England and taught more songs and rhymes. The experience was made complete by the fantastic host family in Dhapassi who really welcomed us into the family – even the cow was friendly! Having found time for a quick trip to Chitwan, and bathed with the elephants, we are finally ready for home, but not without mentioning Bicky – our ever helpful friend.

Jacquie Crowther & Claire Harris (UK) - April

No cleaning this time, just playing, helping with homework and teaching the children mindless pop-culture. We certainly came to regret the day we taught the kids: "That's some funky shit!!!!" The month flew by and before we knew it we were being awakened every morning by the sound of trumpeting elephants. Sound like an unlikely scenario? Not in Chitwan. We are living in an orphanage in Sauraha opposite several elephant stables. Even more amusing than the elephant's incessant bellowing are the elephant drivers.

Syd and Arjan - Holland - May

I arrived at my placement in Chhipini at the house of Shiva which was in a beautiful spot down a quiet lane.It is in the middle of farmland, fields of mustard and lentils with bamboo hedges and haystacks. There are buffalo, goats and chicken farms dotted around the flat landscape, with the hills as a backdrop. The family made me very welcome and told me to treat it as my home. I got to know the children Birendra and Ashok and of course the hardworking and beautiful Basanti.

Jean - Wals - April

Anyway, I spent the days in Kathmandu, sorting out the hundreds of photos I had taken, and I helped to prepare a Powerpoint presentation. I also had the chance to meet new volunteers and documented their training period. Of course, there was also enough time to spend with the children in Happy Home and socialize with the other volunteers, who came back from their placements to renew their visas.

Stefan - Garmany - April

I feel absolutely privileged that I was able to spend my time in Nepal within such a great little community but also that during my stays in Kathmandu I was able to stay at Happy Homes orphanage. For that I thank the children, Asim, his wife Namretta and their two beautiful sons, for being so welcoming and making my stay there so much fun. I would also like to thank the charismatic Bicky, in whom we trusted and was always there to lend a helping hand. Also all the other volunteers who I was lucky enough to share my whole experience with and will look forward to keeping in touch with.

Sandra - Ireland - April

We stayed a night in Thulo Barkhu and a night in Sybrubensi, meeting the volunteers there and sharing ideas and tips as well as checking out their libraries. This was a great opportunity to get a feel for the INFO Nepal presence in the villages and to gain valuable insight into the workings of established libraries. We left feeling enthused and energized and really excited to get to Gatlang and start work.
Lisa and Freya - Aus - March

After leaving Thulo Barku, I spent several days in Kathmandu visiting the children at Happy Home an sorting myself out before my next placement. This placement was for 2 weeks at an orphanage home in Sauraha, Chitwan. I managed to get a direct bus to Sauraha where some children came to meet me with a banner that they had made; it made me feel very welcome! We then took a rickshaw to meet my host family, who made me feel welcome and special from the moment I walked through the door.

Tracy Godd - UK - Feb

Now there is only few things to mention. We would like to thanks all the people working for this small INFO family, especially Asim for being a friend more than just the director, whole his family for hospitality, Krishna-didi for the time in Sanga and all the precious information she furnished us with and all the people who we met on roads, paths, houses and bus tops. I can honestly and without hesitation say that we didn't feel insecure a single moment in this beautiful country.

Michelle - Slovakia - Feb

Together we trekked around the Tamang region, which included an unexpected guide from a check point soldier, as well as a rather close encounter with a herd of goats whilst relaxing at Parvatakunda. We also managed a weekend away to Tatopaani (hot springs) before saying goodbye to our host family and beginning our long journey back to Kathmandu. Our month of volunteer work was an incredible and unforgettable time of both challenge and satisfaction. Thank you INFO NEPAL for this tremendous experience. 

Carla and Maggie - Australia - Jan

I was very eager to participate in the daily routine of village life. Sardah showed me how to properly harvest millet, cut grass, carry water from the local tap and well, plant saag, and even distribute manure in the fields (although I didn’t know that was what I was doing initially). With limited language skills on both sides, we communicated mostly through gestures, simple words, and much laughter.

Michelle - USA - Jan

As for me, it has been nice to find out that these kids love a shared space and are ready to do something for it, not only to receive. The library in Thulo Bharkhu is a place that childen and families are sure they can have and they are not to get fed up, if the service it can supply keeps friendly and careful.As for behaviour, I have to admit that the most of Thulo Bharkhu chidren are quite polite and respectful of some common rules.

Guiseppe, Italy - Jan

Nepal is so varied, We have seen many aspects of it and there is still plenty to see and learn. Everything changes from the castes to the varied geology, history, vegetation and wildlife. The only thing that stays the same is eating Dhal baat twice a day!
The people are great and so are the other volunteers, and INFO look after us really well. At the end of Dec we are going to Pokhara to renew our visas and meet up with three other volunteers- Sally, Michelle and Petra, to see the new year through together. We are spending xmas at Parbatipur after telling Rama about xmas, showing her our advents and seeing our enthusiasm about it, she said she will make a xmas day for us. Yeah

Dan and Cirely - UK - Dec 20th

I had a great time and have so many fantastic memories and photos. I just wish perhaps that everyone could at least once in their lifetime volunteer and share their lives with other people from totally different cultures to learn and experience first hand and totally appreciate what we have here in the West.

Daina Bryn- Italy - Dec 1st 

For my third and final placement I went back to Chitwan because I loved Chitwan and the Chitwan people,this time I was working on a farm for a two week placement were I experienced the real Nepal in a way not many foreign people can,The host family I stayed with very very nice and they really made me feel welcome for my time there and for the Tihar festival.

Diarmuid O' Dwyer - Ireland - Dec

My family was very friendly to me. Rupa, the grand-mother, made me laugh. One minute she’d be shouting at the kids in the street for coming into her court-yard. The next minute she’d give them an apple. What a character! 71 years old and still plugging the garden on her own. The view over Kathmandu valley was really breathtaking. I sat there, in front of my house, many a time and I was lucky to see the Himalayas on 2 occasions, not so obvious during the monsoon period.

Hilde Ide, Belgium - Dec

The first day of their holidays a lot of children left to stay with their families and so only 5 kids stayed with us in the orphanage for Dashain. We decided to go on a bicycle trip to 20000 lake, in the hope to see rhinos and crocodiles. So, we got up early in the morning packed our backpacks with food and drinks, put Aamaa on the back of the bike and the trip could start. It took us a while to reach the place and everybody was happy to stop for picnic.

Theresa Lorke, Germany - Nov

My experience in Nepal was challenging but worthwhile, and I did not encounter any Maoists or feel in danger at any time. I hope to visit the country again in the future, maybe as a doctor, and learn more about this fascinating place. I was joined in my last week by a British volunteer who ran morning and evening programs in the INFO Nepal's library. I was glad for the company and we got along very well. When it came time for me to leave I was sad to say goodbye to the family, who had been so kind and had truly made me feel at home.

Sarah Shiga , Canada- Nov

As our placement was in the Langtang National Park, we had plenty of opportunities to trek. Our first week coincided with the Janaipurnima festival in Gosainkund, a holy lake situated 2500m above Thulo Bharkhu. Many of the villagers, in fact most of them, trekked up to Gosainkund. We joined the party. They sang and danced up to the top, and we did our best to keep up with them. Whilst staying in the village we helped to set up a INFO Nepal children’s library and also taught at the local primary school. The library was just an empty room when we arrived but is now a popular place for learning and meeting. The children really appreciate it and find so much pleasure in learning English, reading the books and playing simple games. The villagers in Thulo Bharkhu were very friendly and welcoming. By the time we left we had been accepted as locals. We had also been introduced to the local wine, raksi, and beer, chiang. In fact, both were brewed by our host family . We left Thulo Bharkhu feeling sad to be leaving, and happy with what we had achieved.

Anna and Mike - UK - Nov

The volunteer can explain his/her wishes in a conversation with the local coordinator of the placement village. He or she can maybe arrange other activities like teaching health and sanitation in schools, giving first aid trainings in the schools to the students of the Red Cross. Going in to the villages to teach the women health and sanitation is very hard, unless you speak Nepali very well, or when a health assistant is joining you and is willing to translate for you. The same goes for women groups.

Luciel Tacken, The Netherlands-October

The village was quite beautiful, miles of rice paddies, many, many buffalo and extremely tranquil. My host family was lovely, Indira, the mom worked so hard to make sure I was happy. She somehow knew exactly when I was awake and she would knock gently on my door and bring me hot tea. Sanjit, the 15 year old son was a typical teenager but he always took the time to explain things to me and was happy to take me around if I needed a guide.  

Julie Stadjuhar, USA - October

Volunteering in Bharatpur Hospital was an incredibly worthwhile experience and I hope that each volunteer there in the future is able to build on and improve the work being done to meet the health needs of those who are too poor to afford treatment they require. In addition, teaching in the step by step English school introduced me to some very bright young people and it was a pleasure to teach them. In Nepal I have made so many friends I know I will stay in touch with.

Rosie Teasdale, UK, September

I would like to thank you for the amazing insight into Nepalese life and culture that I got.
Since I lived half the time in a 'difficult' family, I think I got a very good idea of family life in Nepal. I always felt supported by the INFO team when I needed it. And I really appreciate that the change of families was really easy. I hope I could raise at least some environmental awareness among the children and I hope that they improved a little bit in their language skills. I wish you all good luck for the future and that you will have many volunteers to come. Take care.

Arian, Germany- September

We just want to say that Amy and I had such a fantastic time in Nepal. We loved meeting all the children and found the whole experience amazing. We learnt so much about Nepalese culture, and were so impressed by how friendly everybody was, and how warmly we were treated. We gained so much from the exchange and only hope that we managed to give something back in return. The 'Happy Home' felt like a home away from home, and we were very sad to leave and already miss the children!!

Amy Naylor and Vikki Kelly , UK, August

This is the time when, looking back, I realise how much has happened in such a short time. It's been hard and good, sad and happy, just like this country, full of contrasts. People here are amazing and I truly admire their strength of character as there is so much hardship to face on a daily basis. I have seen so much and will always remember my experience here.

Florence Toury, France, August

My experience with INFO Nepal has been safe, enlightening, and very enjoyable. Nepal has a very rewarding cultural environment. The initial culture shock is quickly turned into a sense of belonging. I have never once felt anything but at home and completely welcomed. The training program is very good (ramro chha) even if your length of stay is short. The organization is centered around hands on training. If you are not comfortable with something, they will make the necessary changes, and that is something worth praising.

Antoinette Branson,  USA, August

My placement started on the 1st August in a place called Sanga. The views were amazing it was so nice to get away from the busy streets of Kathmandu. During my two weeks stay I was placed with two host families and even though it was for a short period I had a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Teaching English was very rewarding and I would definitely like to come back and stay for a longer period as I thought the time I had was very short.. The Nepali people have been so hospitable and welcoming which has made my stay a memorable one and it will always be cherished.

Anju Rani,  England, August

We can’t express in words how fantastic our time volunteering in Chitwan has been.  The people, the children, the scenery and the wildlife seemed to amaze us in new ways every day.   We spent one month volunteering and during that time we worked with fourteen super kids in an orphanage home in Sauraha, Chitwan.  No two days were ever the same during our placement!

Overall we were extremely happy with our placement. We could not have asked for a nicer host family, children or area to be placed working with.  Everything from beginning to end was so enjoyable and we would recommend anyone who has any interest in traveling to another country to experience something so different but yet so fantastic to come to Nepal and spend some time working with Info Nepal and the people here in whatever area you are interested in.

Audrey Dempsey + Patricia Fitzgerald,  Ireland, August

It is refreshing to be involved, even for a short time, in a team that is centered around gathering as much aid as possible and delivering it to where it is truly needed, in whatever form (money/ teaching/ labor/ health). I am really impressed with and underestimated how difficult the task of dishing out aid really is. I strongly recommend INFO Nepal to anyone who is prepared to be at the cold face of the delivery of aid and revels in the challenges that an underdeveloped environment presents.

Dave Bonnici, Australia  Melbourne, August

I will never forget my Nepali family, they taught me so much and were so kind to me. I really hope that people will on coming to Nepal. Despite its political problems, Nepal is a beautiful country. I had no problems with Maoists and I would encourage people to experience this place.

Tom Close,  England, July

For two days three volunteers along with Bhoj Raj helped in a health camp in a small, very poor village in Kathmandu. Everyone in the village had some sort of disease that went untreated for sometimes, years at a time. All the children suffered from worms, headaches, and teeth pain, often from poor hygiene and contaminated water. We helped over 90 people by providing medicine and free health care. By the end of the day, although we were tired, we left knowing that even for a few days these people would not be aching and hopeful that they might change their habits.

Mimi Chang,USA, July

I am extremely grateful to have a chance to experience Nepal the way I did. I've made a lot of friends, friends that will last a life time! This experience made me want to come back to Nepal over and over again! The work that you guys do is very important and extremely selfless. I wish you all the success. Thanks for placing me with a wonderful family. I am forever grateful for all the memories and I will always treasure them!

Kimberly Tai,New York, USA, July

I truly felt very welcome from my first day I arrived in Nepal. My placement was exactly where I love being – in the countryside! The
children at the orphanage in Chitwan made me feel like I was part of their family. I am taking with me unforgettable memories of the beauty of this
country but also the fantastic people I met. I feel privilege to be part of such an organization and making a difference.

Elaine Newell, Ireland, July

I experienced everything I wanted to do when I came here. I obtained a ground level understanding of the country. I helped people (I little bit at least). I met the Maoist, I got some great clothes, and I even lost 20lbs. I certainly couldn’t have done all that without INFO Nepal. I wouldn’t have even known where to start.
Neil Horning, USA, July

I’ll miss my family. I’ll miss the children. I’ll miss my early morning. I’ll miss the tea. I’ll miss my peace and quiet. I’ll miss the clear skies and sleeping outside.
I’ll miss riding on top of jeeps. I’ll miss our lychee tree. I don’t think I’ll be missing Dal Bhat too much. Keep up the good work and many thanks.

Shin Tai, USA, June

Thanks to all INFO for giving me this positive learning experience. My host family was warm, welcoming, and taught me many things. Like Nepalese words (that I quickly forgot)... and how to eat without embarrassing myself... and even some native dance. My favorite moment was sitting on the balcony with aama and baa, laughing even though we did not speak each others language.

Rachel, UK, June

This week we finished our 2 months stay with INFO Nepal. We worked for 6 weeks in Faram village to teach the children in the area English. We also worked on an environmental project in a school called "Keep Your School Clean". In this project we worked together with a local organization called
CSDC. We have had a great time, learned a lot about working in a Nepali culture and have become aunty and uncle for the Chalise family.

Joost and Kurina, Holland, June

My experience in Sanga was really good. I was welcomed warmly in the beginning and by the end I was considered not only a friend but a family
member as well. Teaching in Graceland school was also a good experience. The children were the nicest of all. From the moment of my placement in Sanga I have no complaints and lots of great memories. I will miss Sanga and all the people a lot.

Graham Miginliy, USA, May

I realized more and more all of the time, that time really moves by quickly and more so as I grow older. In Nepal during my visit I grew much wiser in
a very short time. Volunteering in a foreign country was a new experience for me I learned a lot about a very alien community and during my stay at my hosts house I learned a lot about myself. I lived with a lovely little family named the Timilsina’s in a rural village name Sarankot. They treated us like family. It was very easy to enjoy my self around my new home.

Greg Prodan, Richards Landing, Canada, April

Our placement was in Sarangkot a small village near Pokhara. The INFO Nepal staff said it has the best views of the mountains, given the general honesty of the Nepali people the view and surrounding mountains were just as they had described and more! The host family was very welcoming and treated us as part of the family. They took care of me when I was sick, laughed with us, and were sad together when we departed.

Christies Simon, Canada, April

This short time that I have spent in Nepal has been a priceless and memorable experience, the chance that I had of getting to know the culture by living with a family has given me a wider picture of your country and customs and I will not forget. I am taking with me some unforgettable memories and a deeper, warmer insight of your beautiful culture. I wish all the best to you guys, and hope that INFO Nepal grows in order to achieve bigger challenges.

RAFA SERRANG, Spain, February

My time here absolutely flew. There were so many surprises some good, some bad, but that's just part of traveling and living. I hope to return beautiful Nepal There is still so much to experience and discover here.

Emily Bush, Mississippi, USA, January

I can only echo the comments of all my predecessors- this has been one of the BEST experiences of my life – for a short while I un-buried my head from the sounds of my boring life and gave a very tiny piece of myself to Nepal – it should have been a bigger piece!
Barbara Tily, New Zealand, December 

Now I have made one of my dreams come true by helping out orphans in Asia, since I hope Ican do that in all of the Continents. (My biggest dream )

Nohal Rady, Egypt, December


Wow! What an amazing experience – it’s hard to know where to start – I’ve had such an enriching time and only hope that all of the students I’ve worked with have been able to take something from me too!

Tim Newton, England, November

I’m very grateful and happy for the last month here in Nepal. Although the cultural differences were a shock sometimes!
Astrid Helling, Germany, September

It was one of the most important 14 days of my life.I’ve learned many things from you, my host family and the country.
I have never realized how much of my life I took for granted.

Mabel Luk, Japan, August

My first trip to Nepal was my first trip out of the USA. Thank you for making sure that I was taken care of, and that I had one of the most memorable experiences of my life.
My placement was perfect and the Health Post taught me something new every day.

Teresa Bair, USA, August

I had a fierce time working at the Health Post. I’ll never forget the showers and the way my welcoming gift from my host father was a fistful of weed.

Rob Whistance, UK

Thank you for your friendship and your professionalism. Everything possible was done to make me feel welcome and appreciated in Nepal. INFO is like a family who foster volunteers, we made great friends and my host family were extremely kind and good.

Ray  Cooney,  Ireland, July

Although my stay in Nepal was not as long as I first intended, it has been an extremely satisfying stay here.
INFO is like a family who foster volunteers, we made great friends and my host family were extremely kind and good.
Liam O'Brian,  Ireland, July

I was just traveling through from China to India. I ran into INFO Nepal by chance, and I’m glad I did. It gave me a chance to see a little bit of the culture and traditions of Nepal and also help as much as I could.

Meir, Israel, 25th May

I was so impressed by the great work you are doing in Chitwan. The INFO Libraries have brought so much to the communities, the children’s enthusiasm for English and learning about other countries was an amazing thing.

Christina Sousa, Canada, 23rd April

Though I could only experience a tremendously short stay in Nepal, I have to admit that I am enjoying every moment of it too much! It’s so easy to be accepted in Nepal – the kind and warm hospitality from everyone, from the moment I stepped foot in Kathmandu, everyone had welcomed me as Nepali.
Anita Gracia Dohar Devi Hutabarat, Indonesia, Jan

Everyone is very ambitious when they first arrive to their Library, but it is difficult to do everything, especially when new ideas emerge daily.
Ke garne!? I hope I have made a small difference in the English studies of the Library students and that I will not be soon forgotten in the village.

Anne-Marie, Canada, Oct

We all have been part of a great family and the thought of it add to several memories make me already feel nostalgic. This experience was unreal and you have to live it to understand what I mean.
Being a volunteer has been so challenging and rewarding for me and it’ll for sure help me in the future. Lots of love.

Eugenie, France, September

This has simultaneously been a beautiful, difficult, exhilarating, educational, discouraging and gratifying experience and I have continually found myself unsure of which emotion I am experiencing at a given time.
Love and Best Wishes to you, yours and INFO
Loki Jhonk, Austria, August

It has been an amazing experience – one which will never be forgotten and I have met some wonderful people – both Nepali and other volunteers. I believe that this programme is very important for all involved and is changing many lives for the better.

Amy Dwyer, Ireland, June

I really enjoyed learning about life in Nepal and how the education system works here. However, it’s the people that I met here that made my time special.

Fay Chang, Toronto Canada, June 2nd

I feel the volunteers from INFO really have an impact on the communities so keep up the important work.

Best of Luck
Kris Eklund, Sweden, May 28th

I’m sure we have gained more out of this than our students, but if we had the chance to stay longer it would have been great for us and the kids.
Dave and Ashley, Australia, March

I loved seeing the different faces of Nepal, but mostly I enjoyed staying with my host family…..I have stayed with a host family while living in Germany for 11 months, but still, I felt closer to my Nepali host family even though I stayed with them only a short time. Dhanyadad for a magnificent experience! I hope to return!
Emily Stumpf, USA, Feb

It is wonderful to meet people who want to make a difference in this world.

Purvee Shah, UK, Jan

I learned so much here about culture, life and of course healthcare. I learned things you can’t get in books because you have to experience it to really understand and appreciate it.
Rachel Koehler, USA, Jan

I also loved meeting all the other volunteers from around the world. I now have new friends to visit. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience, it has been life altering.
Gina Kory, USA, November

The opportunity of spending some time in a Nepali village was so wonderful and heart warming that I do not have enough words or expressions to say how much I enjoyed myself.
Thank you again for making me feel, not like a stranger in a strange land, but like a little sister at home with her family and friends.
A big kiss for INFO Nepal.


Devjani Chakraborty, UK, September

I had the opportunity to work with you to help grow INFO Nepal into a great organization! It was so wonderful to use my experiences in Begnas to help volunteers from all the world adjust to a new culture
Lots of love
Heather Sutliff, USA, August 8th

Thank you for providing this incredible opportunity for me. It has been truly unforgettable – the joys, the challenges, the laughs and of course digging the car out of the mud on the way to Begnas, Pokhara

Judy Goodwin, UK, August 8th

The time has come for me to leave Nepal! I can’t believe 5 months has flown by so quickly. I’m so glad I decided to come and I know I will never forget the warmth and openness of the Nepali people.
Susan Donovaro, Canada, Aug 2nd

I have to say it has been one hectic whirl since I arrived in Amarapuri in Nawal Parasi but things are sorting themselves out gradually and I've had some pretty funny experiences. The latest was going on a picnic at 4 am in the morning with the kids to the jungle, riding in a tractor wagon and yelling and singing the whole way! 

Melinda Short, NZ

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