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INFO Nepal's sponsored Children's homes

INFO Nepal has been working hard networking amongst orphanage homes to educate and provide essential supplies for the children. Our main mission is to educate the children and we currently provide school fees for 90 children in three of our orphanage homes based in and around Kathmandu.

Current initiatives have seen us successfully improve the lives of the children, by providing the orphanage staff with training in management, sanitation and hygiene. Our aim is to give these orphanages extra support so they can provide the children with good quality food, clothing and school supplies. Through the commitment and dedication of our volunteers, we have secured sponsorship for 13 of our 90 children. We urgently need your support in maintaining our aim and providing further opportunities for other Nepali orphanages. With your help we can give these children a great start in life and provide them with the essentials to comfortably live in a safe and clean environment. If you are interested in finding out more about how to sponsor one of our children please contact INFO Nepal at With your help we would like to extend our program further and reach more children who are in desperate need our help.

Street Children Project in Pokhara : This children center is in Pokhara with 29 children age from 9 to 13.INFO Nepal has been supporting to this project since July 2007 providing House rent, Beds, blankets, and educational support for the children.There are 29 street children living and studying. Our target is to sponsor each child to go to school. We are also running a adult language class for the girls who works in the restaurant.

Indreni Orphanage home - Pokhara
This home is in Pokhara with 13 children aged from 7 to 12. All the children go to School near by. We have been supporting this home with the house rent, food supply and educational materials. We are looking for individual sponsor for these children.

Humanitarian Concern Centre
This orphanage is based in Maharajgung in Kathmandu which currently has 41 children, aged between 4 - 14. These children share 3 bedrooms, with many to a bed.The funding supplied by INFO Nepal goes towards the education of the children, again paying for school fees, tuition fees and all other school equipment

We have been working with this orphanage for the last few months and through donations (Dean Close School and INFO Nepal’s donor) we have provided them with 2 large pots (they were big enough to fit a couple of small children), an 8 liter pressure cooker, some wastebaskets, mops and dustpans. We also ordered a table and benches to be built by a local craftsman. The table can be broken up into 6 pieces, with an equal number of benches. We also ordered the benches to be made with a storage area underneath the seats so that the children could store their school books in an organized way that is accessible. In total, we can seat approximately 24 children at the table, and additional 10-15 children on the floor.

We have also placed 5 volunteers to work at the home and to help teach the administrators there proper hygiene.
We are sure that they will be able to teach better management, and eradicate the various infestations (bed, body, hair lice etc) that the children suffer from, and improve their lives. We will continue to work at the home, and to slowly implement more changes, eventually supply proper blankets and bed sheets for all the children there. Everyone at the home is thrilled with the changes we have made so far.

Birendra Peace Children Welfare Centre - Already sponsored

This small children's home is in the region of Balaju, a rural suburb a few km north of Kathmandu. There are 13 children in the home, ranging in age from 3 to 13. They live in four rooms of a shared house, and share a backyard with the other families who live there.

INFO Nepal has established contact with this home in 2006 Jan, and has made a commitment to sponsor the educational costs of the children, providing them with the school fees, tuition fees, and stationary. In 2006 August our volunteer Margaret and David organized a Charity night for this home among their's frinds and they promised to sponsored these children.

The children were recently presented with their brand new school uniforms to start school with, and for some of them these were the only other change of clothes that they owned!

The home has no formal support from the Government, and is dependent on donations from many sources to provide for the day to day living costs of the children.

As this is such a new arrangement we have so far placed just one volunteer there, who encouraged improved hygiene, taught English, and encouraged play activities. There is a bare room, designated the school room, which has now been improved by the addition of carpets, making posters for the walls, and starting English lessons.

We hope to continue our work with this orphanage as we feel they have already benefited so much from our support.