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Overseas Country Coordinator

Australian Coordinators

Esther Nimmo
Esther came in Nepal in 2007 and second time in 2011. Esther has volunteer 10 month in total with our organization. she has been to 6 different projects and the placements. Esther also helped us at the office in Kathmandu.

Steve Glynn
Phone : 0412 966 969
Steve volunteered with us in 2006 for two months. Steve also sponsoring some of our Children in Dhulikhel where he was placed for his placement. Stev tough in Dhulikhel School with our local Co-ordinator Rajesh Shrestha. Steve is planing to come back to Nepal again.
Jin Yi

Chinese Coordinator

Jin Yi
Jin Yi is our chinese coordinator who already been to Nepal couple of time and visited all of our projects and the host family . Jin has sending volunteers from 2011.

Phone : 13313604549

Denmark coordinator

Louis Gjoee Larsen
Louis came to nepal in 2010 and volunteer with us for 2 months. During his time he has visited several of our project and meet our host family and local coordinator.

Adress: Nyrnberggade 38, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone number: +45 51895480

Holland Coordinator

Cornelie Van Moorsel
Email :
Cornelie joined us in November 2002. She was placed in Chitwan for two months to teach in our Children Library in Ganganagar. During her placement she also got involved in giving informal education to landless and lower cast people who live on the bank of the river. It was a great success that among 24 children she taught, 10 joined school after two month. Every year since then Cornelie has been coming back to Nepal, July 2005 was her 4th visit.

Irish Coordinator

Mark Grehan
Email :
Mark joined INFO Nepal in November 2005. Mark’s placement was in Goljung where he opened a library! Mark had a great time bathing in the natural hot spring, discovering the beautiful sites and teaching the local children.

Spain Coordinator & UK coordinator

Marina Velez
Phone: + 44 (0) 1223 842991
Cambridge, UK.
Marina came to Nepal in March 2006 for two weeks of Teacher Training. She was doing a TEFL Training among 21 teachers from Dhulikhel. Marina was here with her 4 year old daughter.

Slovenija Coordinator

Spela Sebjanic
Email :
Tele. 38641512431
Spela joined INFO Nepal for three months on her second time visit of Nepal and 3rd time she volunteered for two months.At the first tiume spela was placed in Chitwan Ganganagar Library and did some painting in Sitamai Temple and the Library and second time Spela was placed in Everest resion for 6 weeks.

Portuguese Coordinator

Nuno Godinho
Email :
Nuno joined INFO Nepal in March 2004 for 3 months. He was placed in Dhading in school to teach English. He is a very good web page developer as well as photo shooter.


USA Coordinator

Ryan Batters,
Ryan came on 2006 begening and stay helping at the office till August 2007. During his time Ryan has worked with 120 volunteers to place them and assist them to adjust in a new culture. If you contact to Ryan you will know 100 volunteer's different story from him.