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Our Teams : INFO Nepal's Staff

Naresh Raj Ghimire Asim

Naresh Raj Ghimire "Asim"
Director /Chairman

Asim lives with his wife Namrata and his two young sons Nawarash and Nirnaya, at the Happy Home Children's Care House. In 2006 May Asim visited the UK for three weeks on a Cultural Exchange program and 2007 for five weeks to Scotland.

He had over 18 years' experience working with volunteers from NGOs such as SPW and GAN before deciding to set up INFO Nepal in 2000. In 2001 he worked in partnership with GVN (Global Volunteer Network, NZ). Recently he has been appointed as Nepal Country Coordinator of The Global Youth Foundation (TGY).

His interests include working in the theatre and writing plays, he has also made one series for Nepali National Television.

You can contact Asim any time on his cell phone : +977 98510 54813 .
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Yubaraj Paudel
Program Director

Yubaraj is the Program Director and Co-coordinator. He has been working with INFO Nepal for 7 Years and has lots of experience in teaching Nepali language and local cultural lessons. He co-ordinates various other projects. Yubaraj has a very responsible position co-coordinating all of our volunteers and scheduling their training programs as well as matching each volunteer to a suitable project that will enhance their cultural education and fulfill their ambitions.
Yubaraj meets all volunteers at the airport, before taking them to a guest house for rest. He then meets with them to discuss which program would best fit their needs, previous experiences and personality.
Namrata Ghimire

Namrada Ghimire
Happy Home - Mother

She is a Mother of 14 year old Nawaras, 11 year old Nirnaya and all the children at Happy Home. She has six years experience working with INFO Nepal and the volunteers. She is very generous with her time, along with being a busy mum, she tutors the volunteers in Nepali Customs and helps the volunteers shop in Kathmandu to make sure they get the right prices, especially for female volunteers getting Kurta Shalwars and Saris. (Typical Nepali dress)
Namrata is a warm and friendly person and provides a family feel for the volunteers when they stay at the Happy Home.
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Sanjit Sapkota
Pokhara Volunteer Co-ordinator

Sanjit is a volunteer co-ordinator and takes volunteers sightseeing and placement in Pokhara. Sanjit arrange you a car or bus to go to your placement . Sanjit arranges paragliding, boating and other adventure activities in Pokhara. Sanjit also visit you in your placement and if you need any supply for your classes, Sanjit will supply for you.
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Mrs. Krishna Singh Prajapati
Language Trainer

Krishna is responsible for the majority of teaching Nepali lessons during the training period in Kathmandu. She has over 20 years of experience teaching Nepali and has worked with INFO Nepal since its inception. Before joining INFO Nepal, Krishna worked with Asim for 6 years, teaching Nepali Language.
Krishna is very helpful and supportive, participating in cultural exchanges and she enjoys interacting with her students.
Yangduk Tamang

Yangduk Tamang
Co-coordinator \ Language Trainer

Yangduk is a co-coordinator, supporting volunteers throughout their training in Kathmandu. Yangduk also takes the volunteers for shopping and sightseeing. She also teaches Nepali language as well as accompanying the volunteers to their placements to settle them in. Yangduk is a very friendly and open girl with very good English.
Mr. Rajesh Shrestha

Mr. Rajesh Shrestha
Volunteer's Training village Co-coordinator

Rajesh Shrestha is our coordinator for Sanga and Dhulikhel. He is a very friendly and honest personality. He is an original member of Sanga village, (he grew up there). Rajesh teaches in a school in Dhulikhel where our volunteers observe the classes and gain experience and practice in teaching English in a foreign country. Rajesh is very helpful and has a wealth of knowledge regarding village life and being a teacher in a Government school.
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Mr. Saroj Shrestha
Chitwan Coordinator

Saroj runs a guest house in Chitwan, Sauraha and organizes all the programs in the National Park for our volunteers extra curricular activities. Saroj has a motor bike and a jeep so that any time volunteers have any problems he can be available in an instant! Saroj is a very friendly and out going person. He lives with his wife and youngest son in Chitwan, his eldest son is studying in Kathmandu.