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Government Registered No. : 878/1999/2000
Social Welfare Council Registered No : 10700

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About INFO Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal
Based in Kathmandu, INFO Nepal is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. Founded in 2000 by four Nepalese with many years of experience managing other International NGOs, INFO Nepal is the first Nepali run volunteer organization for social benefit.

Our mission is to create a global understanding by encouraging volunteers to assist with our community development and youth mobilization programs. Since its inception, INFO has placed over 1250 volunteers from 52 countries in villages throughout Nepal and has developed a wide variety of successful programs addressing environmental and development issues. Many volunteers enjoy their experience so much that they return or extend their placement.

Volunteers visiting Nepal come for different reasons, but are united by their outgoing personality, friendly and easy going nature, their adventurous spirit and most importantly, their desire to make a difference. After completing a training session in Kathmandu, volunteers move to various placements all over Nepal, where they stay with a traditional host family.

INFO Objectives
Promote community development without destroying traditional ways of life.
To educate communities on the importance of education, English language and literacy, hygiene and sanitary living, and environmental management.
To bring Western knowledge, care methodology and experience on a variety of education and health matters to the village communities.
To provide education and training for community youths to encourage and create opportunities for self-employment.
To focus on improving life for the poorest and most marginalized members of Nepali society, specifically the Tharu and Bote tribes.
To provide language lessons and cultural information for people who come to Nepal to study, conduct research, and do voluntary work.
To introduce volunteers to the richness of Nepali culture and ensure a safe and memorable stay in a supportive environment.

Projects Established by INFO Nepal include:

Children Day care center, Chitwan- Tandi : Started building in February 2008 and completed in 15th March with total cost 3500 Euros. Everyday 20 to 30 Children are coming to our center.

New Orphanage Home in Chitwan : Started building from 2007 February and completed in August 2007. Now we have 20 orphan children in this home. We are sponsoring all of these children.

Established Library , Ganganagar - This Library was closed for one year while we were building our Happy Home near by this Library. Now it has started and every day there are 20 to 30 village children attending this center.

Sponsored ninety Children - 2006 - INFO Nepal has provided sponsorship for five orphanage home's (a total of ninety children).

Pokhara - Nirmalpokhari Children;s Resource Center : Established in Nov 2005. 60 to 80 student attend this center every day. This center is one hour by bus from Pokhara city in the top of the mountain. You can have a Good view of Annapurna and Fish tail from the center.
Pokhara - David's falls Children;s Resource Center - Established in Jan 2006. 60 to 80 student attend this center every day. This center is 15 minutes by bus from Pokhara city.

Pokhara - Thulaketh Children;s Resource Center : Established in Jan 2006. 60 to 80 student attend this center every day. This center is one hour by bus from Pokhara city. You can have a good view of Lake from the center.

Chitwan Resource Language Center, Patihani. This project was established in 2002 as a Library, Meeting Place for villagers, and English Language Training Centre. In 2005 a new Building was constructed, funded by the local community with assistance from INFO. The construction was done solely by community volunteers. The Annual "Women's Singing and Dancing Festival is very popular and the Centre also runs a Sports Event over 3 weeks, with competitions for both Children and Youth Groups.

Nava Jyoti Library and Resource Centre, Chormara, Nawalaparsi District. This project was established by the Losedhara Youth Club, and" Room To Read." In August 2002 INFO joined forces with the existing Project and placed the first volunteer in the community. In 2004 a new building was completed, involving the local community organisations and INFO Nepal, with all the construction done by local volunteers.

Ganganagar Children's Library and Community Youth Centre - A project staffed by volunteers where children can come before and after school to continue the day's education outside of a formal school environment. The volunteers on hand provide English language training and discussions and the children are free to utilize the many resources of the Center such as borrowing books and computer training.

Chitwan, Ganganagar Informal Education for Displaced Tribal Children - Providing sanitation and hygiene education (as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste) to the children of the Tharu and Bote Tribes displaced by the Rapati River flooding of 2002. The benefactors, 81 families, have received crucial hygiene training and some of the children have begun government schooling after participating in the informal education training administered by volunteers.

Prabatipur Library and Community Youth Centre, Chitwan District, established in 2002. More than 15 Volunteers have already been there from UK, USA, Australia, Germany and Holland. We have already trained 270 students in this library. Besides the childrens' class the volunteers can also take the youth and women's classes. This is the best placement for couple volunteers.

Amarapuri Library and Community Youth Centre, Nawalparasi District, established in 2002. This library is 16km away from main city of Narayangot. 15 Volunteers have already been there and they have trained 300 students. The women of the village are also very interested in visiting the library and learning from the volunteers. This is the best placement for single female volunteers.

Syabrubesi Children's Library, Rasuwa, Syabrubesi (Langtang region), established in 2006. 7 volunteers have already been to this library from UK, Ireland, Canada and USA. Around 60 students attend this library everyday. The women which run the hotels are also very interested to attend the library and improve their English skills. This library is between our other three libraries and any volunteers who come to this area can meet up with other volunteers on the weekends.

Scholarship Programme, Chitwan. To pay School Fees and Expenses e.g. Purchase uniforms and books, for the children of the very poor Tribes in the Chitwan District. These children would otherwise have no opportunity to gain education.

Thulo Bharkhu Children Resource Center, Langtang. In August 2005 we set up new library in Rasuwa, Thulo Bharkhu. 10 volunteers have already been to this library from UK, Germany, USA, Belgium. 60-80 children attend this library everyday. There is a primary school nearby where the volunteers can help the teachers and teach the students.

Goljung Children's Library , Langtang, established in November 2005. 10 volunteers have already been there from Slovakia, UK, USA, Finland, Holland and Belgium. 60-80 students attend this library everyday. There is a high school nearby the library where the volunteers can also help out.

Gatlang Library, Langtang- Established in March 2006. 80-100 students attend this library everyday. Gatlang is ideal for volunteers coming with a friend or partner. It is in the mountain region and the Langtang mountain view can be seen from the library.

If you are interested in providing a donation, please contact us at

• Recruited, trained, and placed 1250 volunteers from the UK, Ireland, Algeria, Uruguay, USA, Korea, Japan, Holland, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, France, Greece, Singapore, Germany, New Zealand, Egypt, Indonesia, Venezuela, Russia, Hong Kong , Finland, Bermuda, Slovakia, Lebanon, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Spain and Portugal during the time period of 2000 - 2007

• Staffed 14 Health Posts and 16 Environmental Posts throughout Nepal with volunteers in 2000- 2007

• Initiated and staffed conversational English programs at 40 schools throughout Nepal 2000 - 2007

• Developed and administered eight environmental projects including garbage management, plastic bag replacement with woven jute bags, paper recycling and clean-up program., anti-smoking, anti-drinking and anti-card playing campaigns 2001, 2003 and 2004.

• Established Homestay / Cultural Exchange programs in which over 80 Nepali families have participated 2000 - 2007

• Created income generation programs e.g. the production of woven jute bags to fund livestock purchases in 2001 and 2003.

• Trained 2000 adolescent students in English language at our resource centres.

• Trained 1260 Students in basic computer skills at our resource centres.

• Created and staffed the INFO Library, which now has 450 members

• Trained 1260 Children in English language in the INFO Children’s Library

• Educated the children of the Bote and Tharu tribes in much-needed hygiene and have provided an informal education program for the children As a result, 10 children have begun consistent schooling.

• Provided farmers' conference and veterinary care programme for the hygiene and nutrition of buffaloes

• Fundraised and provided food, clothing and blankets for the Tharu and Bote people displaced by the 2002 Rapti River flooding.

• Mobilised the Chitwan area Youth Clubs to help support the victims of the 2002 Rapti River floods

• Conducted a 3 day Health Camp in Chormara for 50 families and 120 children, INFO provided toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap for every participant, along with intensive training in all the basics of daily hygiene. Clothing was also distributed

• Established the Info Nepal Happy Home Children's Care House in Chitwan.

• Two Days Health Camp in Kathmandu among fourty family and One hundred seventy two Patients were benefited from the camp.

• Info have been assisting five poor condition orphanage home in Kathmandu and Chitwan. We have setup 5 libraries for those orphanages.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We love to hear from you. Email: